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Pizzera Grand Sasso – A Historic Pizza-by-the-Slice Shop Reopens in L’Aquila

A sign that this year Spring brings more than flowers to post-earthquake L’Aquila

Today I walking towards Piazza del Duomo along the only street something caught my eye – Il Grand Sasso was open again.

Pizzeria Gran Sasso, C.so Federico II, first pizza re-opening after the quake, April 1 2010

When I first came to L’Aquila the Grand Sasso was one of the pizza by the slice places on my map. Each one was different from the other, even though they came from the same rectangular black metal pans. Three of them – San Pietro, Marcheggiana and Gran Sasso were active since Silvia (my wife) was little. It’s a good sign, like the first flower of Spring, that Gran Sasso opened today
Gran Sasso’s opened in 1969 and has been run by the Sferrella family since 1974. The place is simple, they only make good pizza and baked single-portion calzoni. Nothing more but more then enough. Their pizza is a bit oilier than the others, and the crust is fluffier. I had my favorite of theirs: a square of white pizza with mozzarella, mushrooms and sausage.

Gran Sasso Mushroom & Sausage - L'Aquila 1 April

A great way to celebrate Spring. Now between Corso Federico II and the upper half of Piazza del Duomo four shops are open: Bar Frattelli Nurzia (coffee and homemade candy), Ottica Centrale (eyewear), Giolleria Armenia (jewelry) and the Pizzeria Gran Sasso (pizza by the slice!).

PS: I’m writing this from Piazza del Duomo. The sun has come down so my fingers are freezing. More photos to come.

– Joshua Lawrence

Pizzeria Gran Sasso, reopening in downtown L'Aquila April 1st 2010, a year after the quake

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Emily and her slice of margherita, Gran Sasso reopens April 1st!