Easter’s Sweet and Salty Treat – Pizza Pasquale and Salami

When a Pizza Really Can’t be Called a Pizza but is Still Good

PIzza Pasquale & Salame Aquilana

One combination of flavors I don’t often find in Italian food is the mix of sweet and salty. The rare examples, honey or marmalade on aged pecorino or warm melted scamorza cheeses, are the earthy exceptions. And so is pizza pasquale.

In Abruzzo, it wouldn’t be Easter without a pizza pasquale, or two. The loaves (made from levened bread, not pizza dough) are about the size of a rugby ball and are usually dark on the outside with a ice cream sprinkles melted into a rainbow on the crust. The inside is yellowish and crumbly and just a little sweet.

Pizza pasquale, salame dell'Aquila, Lurré Montepulciano

Silvia tells me that Easter morning, when she was little, her grandfather used to wake her, and all the other grandkids, by opening the shutters and letting the morning sun spill into the room. He then passed around a platter of pizza pasquale and sliced L’Aquila Salame or dried Salsiccia.

But, don’t let traditions fool you, pizza pasquale is also great with fragments of dark chocolate Easter eggs.

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3 responses to “Easter’s Sweet and Salty Treat – Pizza Pasquale and Salami

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  2. Makes me wish that I was one of those kids!

  3. Sweet, divine gods of the cornucopia! My taste buds have flavor envy!

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