Dessert Pizza – Happy World Nutella Day

(today, February 5th)

Nutella is a national Italian icon of sweet addiction. It’s as common in the Italian pantry as peanut butter is in America. And this delicious concoction of vegetable oil, powdered milk and chocolate is addictive – at least psychologically. In Italy people tend to have smaller fridges so sneaking off at midnight to spoon ice cream directly from the carton to your mouth is out of the question.

Nutella Pizza

You do not need to keep Nutella in the freezer or the fridge. I can be hidden anywhere – in your desk, behind books on your shelf, wherever.
It’s also versatile – you can eat it raw, bake it into brownies. It’s by far the most common spread for winter crêpe vendors (Sofia has one every Saturday afternoon in Piazza Salotto here in Pescara.).
The great writers who invented World Nutella Day (, the unofficial annual celebration this chocolate and hazel nut spread have a long list of recipes.

Homemade Nutella and M&M Pizza

One great way to end a pizza dinner is Nutella pizza. Some pizzerias here serve it (but only order it if it’s on the menu, others feel offended by the idea). Our cousin Martina had us over to her house for homemade pizza two weeks ago. She topped it off with two Nutella and M&M pizzas with crumbled cookies sprinkled on top. The kids loved it, and the rest of us pretended to be kids.

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2 responses to “Dessert Pizza – Happy World Nutella Day

  1. Nutella and M&M Pizza = bravo !

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