Mr. Louis is a Welcome Dinner Guest

Don Luigi Riserva 2005, Di Majo Norante, Molise (Italy)

Unless it’s a gift to a collector, it’s usually good manners for dinner guests not to bring a wine that has to be decanted an hour before. You should bring wine that your hosts can open and serve right away, if they desire. Which is why Rita dropped off her bottle of Don Luigi Riserva two days ahead of dinner Friday

Don Luigi Riserva and rosemary schiacciata

Don Luigi is a dark, ruby-red wine aged oak casks. This wine if from Molise, the small regione just south of Abruzzo. Just like the region itself, Don Luigi Riserva is a blend of Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grapes (Abruzzo is just north) and Aglianico (also common in the regions just south). It was a the perfect, textured wine for Silvia’s famous meatballs and with aged Parmesan. And the two glasses leftover in the bottle danced with the salt and rosemary schiacciata we had at lunch the next day.

What are schiacciata? Well…

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Don Luigi Riserva

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