Post-Quake: I Support L’Aquila’s Bid as European Capital of Culture for 2019

Until April 6th of this year L’Aquila was my home, the city I slept and lived in, an inspiration for my writing and my palate.

I believe that L’Aquila should be the European Capital of Culture for many reasons. It’s unique and rich cultural, architectural, artistic and musical heritage made the city one of Europe’s most overlooked city’s of art.

The choice of L’Aquila as European Capital of Culture will not only highlight what L’Aquila was, but it will show what it can once again become by 2019 and beyond. Reconstruction will have more than a goal, but a reachable dream.

And the city will become a showcase of what European, if not worldwide, cultural co-operation.
Please support us by joining our group on Facebook ( or by subscribing to this blog. We will be able to keep you informed on our progress and how to help, and you will demonstrating your support.

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