Sardinia Whites

I’ve always wanted to visit Sardinia, Italy’s other big island (the first is Sicily). I have been told my everyone that I am missing Italy’s best beaches and coast. The Emerald Coast near the northern city and airport of Olbia is one of those vacations spots where movie starts and millionaires spend summer vacation, as to those dream of joining their ranks.
But right now I’m dreaming of visiting the area so I can visit the town of Arzachena and sip a white wine from there.
Last night I was at business dinner at Tullio, just of Piazza Barberini here in Rome, famous for it’s grilled and roast fish – but sometimes it’s wine that really makes the difference.
The wine is Capichera, a strong (14%) golden white wine produced at the vineyard of the same name. The wine has a complex array of aromas and flavours, and the hint of wood from the portion made in barriques mingles well with its mineral flavours and thick texture. Just sweet enough to balance the acidity, it’s the type of white wine you can really drink with anything.
Even spaghetti alla carbonara.

– Joshua Lawrence

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2 responses to “Sardinia Whites

  1. John-Giovanni Corda

    Great reading about my Island. Need a distributor for Sardegnan wine. We need about 5 varietals for a grand opening in Beverly Hills. Grazie—John-Giovanni Corda

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