Warm Chocolate Pears

Vacation is over, a wonderful week along the beach and the dunes of Sabaudia, on sea south of Rome. It’s easier to not think about L’Aquila when you head is underwater. Beautiful place and normally the day after a trip away I would be daydreaming about the fish nibbling at my feet, but this morning what I’m really thinking about is dessert last Friday night in the nearby costal town of Terracina. A seafood dinner, mainly raw or marinated shellfish and crustaceans. (Not something I’m crazy about). But what really stood out was one of the desserts at the end: a chocolate and pear tart.

I don’t know the official name – there were twenty of us at our table and confusion reigned that night. And a warm chocolate and pear tart is not what you would expect to find at a dinner based primarily around crudités and other cold dishes on a sweltering end of summer night. But it didn’t matter. The dessert was a toasted bag-like shell a cross between a fried won-ton and baked filo dough filled with diced pieces of pear simmering in warm dark chocolate.

Maybe the contrast is intended, but I was smiling and forgetting that I really don’t love more than three oysters on the half shell…..



2 responses to “Warm Chocolate Pears

  1. Hi, Just enjoyed reading your Blog entry.
    Not sure about the oysters, never eaten one actually, but the warm chocolate pears sound delish !!!

    Terracina is one of my favourite places. There are so many layers of history to work your way through. The Fishing co-operative restaurants on the quayside offer a cheap and very tasty seafood lunch. Not to be missed !!!

    We are an English couple who came several times on holiday to this area of South Lazio and we liked it so much we decided to make it our home. We have been here in Itri for 5 years now.

    Our Blog: http://trecancelle.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks for the comments. We were upmarket that night, but we were right around the corner from one of those cooperative fish restaurants and the line outside was long and enthusiastic. I’ll have to go back and try the more simple place. Raw crustations are not for everyone.
    Abruzzo is a beautiful place, but Terracina is right smack in the middle of one of the Med’s most beautiful coastlines, from Anzio all the way down to Salerno. You chose a great place to live.

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