Turtle Salad Between Boxes

After four scattered sweltering days of opening boxes in our new, and hopefully temporary appartment here in Pescara a home is beginning to take shape. The kitchen is functional now, but with no food and dust from our home in l’Aquila everywhere we’re eating out.
At the end of the residential dead-end street we will be living in this year is the Bar del Parco, a cute little coffee bar with ice cream with lots of outside tables and a dirty little secret; they also make pizza on demand almost any time of day. And even with the humidity and uncertain yeast rising time, it’s good pizza. The crust is just doughy enough and the mozzarella is great.
Silvia had a caprese salad, tomatoes and mozzarella slices with a bit of oregano and olive oil. The pizzaiolo has fun making shapes out of the pizzas and this time the salad was a turtle. Mozzarella and tomatoes for a head back and tail, soncino lettuce to fill out the shell, and pizza dough flippers.
But with good fresh milky mozzarella from Abruzzo, fresh August tomatoes, and great olive oil, it was magic.

Caprese Turtle Salad

Caprese Turtle Salad

No turtles were injured for the preparation of this salad.

The Master (Turtle) and Margheria (Pizza)

The (Turtle) Master and Margheria (Pizza)



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