On Saffron, Garbanzos, and Donkeys

Just a quick note to let you all know that the Sagra di Ceci e dello Zafferano, Navelli’s annual summer feast will be held as usual in the first weekend after the Ferragosto (this year August 22nd and 23rd, I believe). Two years ago the July fire that destroyed the area reserved for the Sagra did not stop them (it has been held in the main square below).
This year the people in Navelli decided that a Devastating earthquake wouldn’t either. If you can make it to the area, please do stop in for the saffron and chick pea based dishes and dessert (and of course, wine, beer, arrosticini, porchetta, music, dancing, etc.)
The big crowd pleaser is always the Sunday afternoon donkey race. Conceived a quarter of a century back as a live-action satirical take on the Palio di Siena, the race is still fun and unpredictable.
See you there
More to come on Saffron, chick peas and more.


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