Flying in with the morning light

Flying in.

Driving to L’Aquila this morning gave me hope. But then it always does, even before. From the hill town of Navelli where we spend much of the summer, past the devastated but once enchanting and hidden Castelnuovo di San Pio. The morning light tinging a slight burnt orange the slopes of Gran Sasso to my right somehow magnify the feeling that it’s more than just the infancy of another day. The road construction and heavy vehicles slowing me down seem just incidental as I move towards where I used to live.

PS. The gas station bar half way between S. Pio and Castelnuovo is a good, basic Italian roadside bar. The coffee is decent. But it’s the pannini – good local prosciutto or pecorino cheese inside low, central Italian focaccia – that make me feel so at home. They are worth stopping in for. And in these months of living away from home, they are comfort food

2 responses to “Flying in with the morning light

  1. Cheryl Ardner Miller

    Castelnuovo di San Pio is my grandfather’s hometown, Francesco Casciani, born in 1896. My sister and son were able to visit at the end of 2008. Santa Casciani greeted them warmly even though our relationship is unknown and we met only through sporadic blog posts. When the horrible earthquake happened, I marvelled that someone from his line was able to see it before the destruction. I wonder what help we can be to those who still suffer.

  2. It was a beautiful little town and I do hope they rebuild most of the old “borgo”.
    I don’t know how to help directlly, I’ll look for it. Now that the Civil Protections service have passed things over to the citiees and towns, the mayor should have an idea. But then at the end of the month there are elections.

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