Polar Hot Chocolate

Once again a little break away from the home office and the Rome office. A quick stop to write and think in my little book bar haunt in L’Aquila – Caffè Polar. The music is from Ray Gelato’s most recent album, a current jazz singer who’s sound seems more at place alongside Louis Prima recordings. It’s cold and humid today, my older relatives here would say c’è aria di neve, in other words the air is perfect for it to snow soon.
It’s five-fifteen in the afternoon and it’s pampering time – hot chocolate, almost as dense as pudding, with a little island of crushed coconut in the middle.
You can find excellent hot chocolate all over Italy, and sometimes it’s better. But today I like it best here.


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2 responses to “Polar Hot Chocolate

  1. Where is Caffe Polar located? I’ve been to L’Aquila many times, so perhaps I”ve been there. Your description of hot chocolate there is lovely. I remember how I loved the thick hot chocolate I drank in Paris, so thick I spooned it into my mouth. Is this simialar? Had I turned my cup upside down, nothing would have spilled out. Is the Italian version similar? If it is, I’m catching the next flight to Italy. But, maybe the real draw for me was that dogs were welcome in the cafes.

  2. Take the road between the Fratelli Nurzia Bar (if you could still eat chocolate I’d tell you to go there for a caffè al torrone) and the BNL bank at the top right of the Piazza del Duomo. After two blocks the road ends at the door.

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