Panzerotti – The Best Fried Finger Food in Milan

If it’s lunchtime near Piazza Duomo, Luini is right around the corner

I just got back from a Friday business trip to Milan. The trip was a whirlwind of appointments but still, as I crossed through Piazza del Duomo on my way from one meeting to anther, I felt something familiar call out to me and draw me in for a greasy tasty pause: Panzerotti from Luini.
Even though the Luini bakery is tucked out of site behind the back entrance to Milan’s up-market La Rinascente department store, it is an institution.
Luini means panzerotti, and panzerotti mean deep fried pocket pizzas. Puffy and a bit chewy, the dough is slightly sweet and very addictive. The classic version is simple tomato and mozzarella, other seasonal versions (mozzarella and ham, pesto and cherry tomatoes) and so on give you enough variety to harden your arteries almost every day, and when I used to work nearby it was hard to resist.
Originally just a bakery, it’s now traditional stand up street food at it’s best. Their other specialty is focaccia pugliese and other traditional baked treats from the Puglia (Apuglia) region of Italy.


Via Santa Radegonda 16, Milan,

5 responses to “Panzerotti – The Best Fried Finger Food in Milan

  1. Heading to Luini in May because of this post! Thanks

  2. oh, for Luini, try before 1 pm or after 2 – unless it’s late July or August. Everyone in downtown Milan has their lunchbreak at the same time.

  3. More pizza places here:

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